Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DVF The Greatest Wrapper

I originally intro'd the story for DVF: Journey of A Dress as it was first being leaked to the media. Since, I've attended the fun and flirty show with #sweetlilbabyhayden and gal-pal Lianca Lyons in tow. 
As you enter you're greeted by the hot pink foyer bookmarking notable women in variations of prints and shapes of the dresses, photos of life inside her working studios, and of course her famous Warhol portrait. As Lianca and I grazed the installation we chatted about fashion of course, boys, New York, and life in general. I love great conversation, its stimulating and always leads to food!
The more I read and learn about DVF the more I fall in love. The now 67 years young designer is still celebrating the birthday and success of her worldwide adored wrap dress in a full hot pink and prints exhibition at the Wilshire May Company Building in Los Angeles, Ca. 
Her spirit reads of a woman who is clear about her life, direct with her intentions, and sure of her style. She's confident and independent in a way that derives from experience and not out of rebellion. She is seasoned. 
I love this type of woman. 
I feel an air of fearlessness as I have researched her. I'm sure its 50% innate, and the other a combination of being well traveled, becoming a princess, and perhaps due to the fact her iconic wrap dress sold over 3 million units in its first year. 

of course her success and fairytale isn't short of naysayers. Early on she believed she wasn't "really a designer", or that her dress would ever be important. However, her bulls eye instincts of what women want to wear has leaned into hotel designs, beauty products, and an uber successful collection she designed exclusively for QVC called Silk Assets in 1991.

The Belgium Princess' affair with textiles began when she worked for Angelo Ferretti a textile manufacturer while she was engaged, pregnant, and moving to America, sound familiar! Textiles have become apart of her design signature in bold and colorful prints.

The Facts:
1. The wrap dress was inspired by the wrap top ballerinas wear over their tutu.
2. This photo has hung on Tom Fords inspiration board for more than 20 years, its on my board as well!
3. The Wrap Dress hangs in the Smithsonian
4. DVF's first fragrance was named Tatiana after her daughter.
5. DVF is the current president of the CFDA

View My Full DVF Gallery here: DVF Pics

Do you own a Wrap dress? I have a poly jersey in a solid hot pink. What color is yours? Is it full length, 3/4 sleeve, we want to know?
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Trend: Crem Del La Cream

Designers draped their mobile mannequins in white, ivory, and cream. From Lacoste's re-imagined tennis threads with dropped waistlines and side pleats to Delpozo's interpretation of an enchanted tambourine clad gypsy woman. This season did not fall short of showing pure shades in shapes that were structured or more fluid and whimsical.

Spring 2014 RTW (l) Lacoste | (r) Delpozo

We've picked up on the cream craze! Trimmed in gold The Pink Studs assortment of white hues is the

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Be Gracious, xoxo Love

When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is reach for my celly. For some reason between the darkness staring through my window and the cold stale air I need to know exactly which hour of dawn I just cracked. I can almost narrate the type of day I'll have based on the hour I awake.

I scroll through my drop down menu to see how busy my phone has been while I caught some Z's. One of my favorite consistencies is my Daily Bible app. The scripture that morning was Philippians 1:15-18. What stood out to me was verses 15 and 18. "15 Some indeed preach Christ even of envy and strife; and some of good will... 18 What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretense, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice.
...and the point of it all; Christ is being preached! 

I didn't grow up in one church my entire life. I went to Holy Name of Jesus Catholic church/school from kindergarten and elementary to eighth grade. After that, my family started going to a Christian based church. While at Howard, the few times I rolled out of bed, I frequented the schools Chapel which was the most traditional of any of the churches I'd ever attended. While living in New York, I  became a member of Emanuelle Baptist Church. Once I moved back to LA I religiously fellow shipped at St. Luke Restoration Christian Center C.O.G.I.C. And now I attend City Church LA.

Its safe to say as far as churches are concerned I have had a full plate of its religious smorgasbord . 
What has been consistent with them all, is Christ. He is the point of it all.

Does It matter what day service is on, if Christ is Preached?
Does it matter whether you sit or stand, if Christ is being preached?
Does it matter what you're wearing, if Christ is being preached? Although I'd like to think it always matters what you are wearing!
Does it matter how long the service last, what song was sang, if somebody cries, etc etc. 
Do any of these matter if Christ is being preached?
Do church anniversaries, love offerings, and memberships hold any weight to the value of Christ being preached?

Unfortunately because our society is segregated by religion, social status, and even appearances it all matters... but only up to the point where we learn about the grace of God. I have found myself on the receiving and giving end of judgement for someone not attending the same type of church as I do, the culture of the service, or for making the sign of the cross. They have no weight no comparison once I understood the beauty of His "unmerited" grace and truly accepted His unconditional love that will never NEVER leave me.

You see God's grace allows Catholics to make the sign of the cross as a symbol of reverence. His grace allows Seventh Day Adventist to worship on Saturday's. His grace allows me to have church on a Wednesday night, because my Pastor has to return to Seattle for Sunday service. All communities and cultures of faith have different gestures of devotion, servitude, and love. God's glorious grace teaches us to respect others and cherish our own. 
And when Christ is being preached in them all... "What then?...  I therein joice". Be gracious!

Totally Obsessed xoxo Love

Love Collins is a designer who blogs about life Behind-the-Seams. She is the owner of the women's custom apparel studio ​Love Collins Customer Clothier. Co-Owner of the popular online jewelry boutique ​The Pink Studs and founded the non profit organization ​The Fashion Hoard, which helps deserving young ladies fulfill their prom dreams.

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Pink Studs Spring Collection

Stop by the The Pink Studs for a glimpse of our latest swoon worthy jewels fresh from our spring garden. 

Make sure to visit the BLOG for the latest accessories trends. 

Update your jewelry box without breaking the bank! Stay tuned for our #FridayFlashSale

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Fresh Coat In The New Studio

Crisp + Clean + Creative

I gave myself two weeks off to make the transition into our new place and semi get myself set up.  I'd hope to get all of the painting completed before we started moving anything in and before getting back to work.

Thanks to a few friends I managed to get my drapes up in all the rooms and some paint on the walls in the studio. Though, my miniature IKEA step stool has kept me from finishing the borders on the ceiling.

I'm glad I was able to at least dress the walls in the studio. I chose A325-B "Safflower". It leans towards so many wonderful notes of inspiration. Its bright and charming, modern yet shabby chic. Its playful, dainty, and happy! Plus it makes for a great background to my samples.

I'm very excited to finish this space and share the big reveal. In the meantime here are a few of inspirational pics to give you a better idea of the moment I'm creating.

color palette: safflower | burlap | gold | black | white

The Elements:
1. Branding is everything. I can't wait til my new logo and metallic circles arrive. #WallArt

2. The Frame Work

Crisp, sharp, and clean is the totality of my vision.  Black and white, my zero colors, create the frame work of making any space tidy and more importantly finished.  

For me strong elements of black are reminiscent of a tuxedo.  Its sexy, sophisticated and exquisitely tailored.

The use of white has everything to do with my OCD and germ-a-phobic tendencies. Its breezy clean mood reminds me of fresh linen, Sunday mornings, and open windows on sunny days. 

3. Organization

Shelves are a must, with white storage boxes in various sizes are great for housing, trim, zippers, stationary, and thread. 

4. Sparkle | Charm | Glow
The unexpected whimsical layers of colors, textures, trinkets, pictures, stationary and my grandmothers vintage pieces that reveal the colorful parts of me. 

These and more pics of creativity can be found on my Pinterest boards.

Totally Obsessed xoxo Love

Love Collins is a designer and blogs about life Behind - the- Seams. She is the owner of Love Collins Custom Clothier. Co-Owner of the popular online jewelry boutique The Pink Studs. And founded the non-profit organization The Fashion Hoard, which helps deserving young ladies fulfill their prom dreams.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Baby is A Banana and I Dyed My Hair!

According to Google, #SweetLilBabyHayden is now the length of a banana. We've crossed the halfway mark. I'm now 22 weeks. Baby is stretching, kicking, and moving around... finally! I have been waiting for some action down there, and I've gotten what I've asked for.
I mentally needed and have been anticipating it too. To be honest I needed something a bit more concrete to feel connected. I hope that's not a bad thing to say. Before, I felt like I'd just gained too much in the midriff. Not anymore, my spontaneous love taps from within make me smile and do a little chuckle. It feels a bit alien-ish.
I celebrate a every small victory when it comes to the babies growth and development. Besides the looming element of my fibroid, I didn't exactly start on the good foot. By Christmas I was almost 3 months. I had dyed my hair, had sushi, and had shunned my iron pills to the cabinet. This body, not mine in particular, but what God has fashioned is miraculous. I am in incomplete awe of how are bodies know exactly what to do once the body goes into reproduction mode.  It is a gorgeous systematic experience.
#SweetLilBabyHayden is meticulously being knitted by the Creator, with skillful intent, and everlasting love... this is my confession of faith! 
Will you stand in agreement with me? 

Bump Stats:
"Sweet LilBabyHayden is now 1lb.
The length of a banana. (About 10.5 in)
2 legs, 2 arms, 10 fingers, and 10 toes are all developed.
During our most recent ultrasound appointment we were able to see the baby opening its mouth and smile. 
Healthy Happy Baby!!!

Sad to say but its time I put away my jeans. If you happen to see me in a pair of dungarees know that I am torturing myself with discomfort for the sake of whatever ensemble I felt was necessary that day.

Taste buds: 
Here's what  I've been noshing on.
Oranges- Great for vitamin C, the juicy and meaty fruit helps me in between meals. The acid takes away any weird queasy feelings. I love catching a whiff of the fresh citrus fragrance.

Chocolate Almond Milk: Its thick, sweet, and chocolaty. I'm not a dairy or soy milk drinker, so this is my sub and its packed with calcium. Sometimes I like to freeze my glass for a nice frothy taste. Hmmm!

Turkey Bacon: Need I say more. Its bacon, fried, and salty. Heaven must be like this! 

Totally Obsessed, xoxo Love

Love Collins is a designer and owns Love Collins Custom Clothier, a custom women's apparel studio.
Co-owner of the jewelry boutique, The Pink Studs.
And Founded The Fashion Hoard, a non-profit program that supports deserving young ladies fulfill their prom dreams.

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sketch Love: Profile

Medium: Sketch Paper
Tools: Prisma, Tombo, Metallic,and Pantone Markers, Pencil, Color Pencils,